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A post for my dog

Dsc08037This is Stoney. He isn’t the brightest dog, but he is our beloved pet. Alright, the truth is that Kristen and I love the dog and the kids don’t like him at all. But that’s not really important.

Stoney is lazy and sleeps nearly the entire winter. He either sleeps or passes gas until April. Yet, one thing gets him excited when there is snow on the ground. When we let him out to do his personal duty, it is his duty to the McLane family to scare the little obnoxious turds out of all squirrels within a block of our house.
And this, he does well. We open the door and he chases the squirrels and barks like crazy. In Stoney’s mind the squirrel is little more than the rodent version of Martha Stewart. He seeks to chase and one day eat him a squirrel. Until then, all of his dreams will be unfulfilled.

Luckily, Stoney is not alone. There is a man who also knows the truth about squirrels. His name is David Crowder. Here is a true story about squirrels that prove once and for all, they are evil.

And just because I love this song… here is a bonus Crowder video.

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  1. Amy January 31, 2007 at 5:51 pm #

    You should read MARLEY & ME

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