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The Power of Poop

Working together, we firmly believe that reinventing a long-lasting, safe, and sustainable answer to the world’s sanitation needs is not just necessary, but within reach.

Sylvia Matthew Burwell, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [link]

Re-thinking poop. Turning poop into power and fertilizer. Turning waste into opportunity.

I like it.

A lot.

Safe to make a guess for where the genesis of this idea happened, right?

Most of us never thought of the toilet as a place for innovation to occur. Something so simple that could make such a huge difference to the plumbing-less. Who knows? Maybe that technology will flow back to the States in a decade or two?

Kudos to the Gates Foundation. It’s a great idea that I think could make a huge impact on world health.

What’s the lesson for us? How we got here is not how we get out of here. 

ht to Fast Company


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