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Finding Amen

Our posture as Christians is Amen.

While I may disagree with friends in Christ. While I may not understand their culture, their gender, their sexual preference, their politics, or what it is like to walk in their skin… I can choose to stand with a Christian friend and say Amen.

I can even look at someone I have nothing in common except a common Amen compelled by Jesus and honestly called them, friend. We may disagree in everything, but Amen gives us the power to look truthfully in one another’s eyes and say, “In Christ– I stand in agreement with you.”

You want to know how to change your block, your community, or even the world? Stand with people in Amen.

  • If life seems too contentious– find Amen
  • If the world seems too big– find Amen
  • If your identity is in what divides instead of what unites– find Amen
  • If your worship is one dimensional– find Amen
  • If you are lonely on your block– find Amen
  • If you aren’t making a difference in your community– find Amen
  • If things just don’t make sense anymore– find Amen
  • If the church you are a part of zaps the life out of you– find Amen

Is your faith malnourished?  Feed your soul on Amen.

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