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The problem with being cutting edge

If you’re at the cutting edge, then you’re going to bleed.

~ Nancy Andreasen

I guess they don’t call it the bleeding edge for nothing.

Here’s my thought about the dangers of being cutting edge…

  • The biggest growth happens for those people and organizations willing to take risks.
  • I’d rather be innovative than a copycat.
  • I’d rather look forward to what can be than hold onto what used to be.
  • I’d risk getting hurt by being cutting edge than get hurt by being too slow to respond.
  • I think leaders take people where they wouldn’t go alone, regardless of risk.
  • I think a little bleeding isn’t fatal.
  • I’d rather be the guy with scars telling the stories than be the guy without scars regretting being careful.

I’m wired to not see the downside in being “cutting edge.” I only see upside.

What are some risks you are taking right now that might make you bleed a little? 

One Response to The problem with being cutting edge

  1. Brandon Pachey August 31, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    Often we tell kids, especially those that are delivered from cutting, that the scars dont define them, but that they are the testimony Christ has given them to share. A good solid leader understands this and embraces it. In the military we practice ORM which promotes acceptable risk.

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