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When stories merge

World Vision offices

World Vision offices

Today was a good, long day of preparation. We got up early and headed to the World Vision Headquarters right after breakfast.

The day was packed with presentations and stories. I was impressed with the level of professionalism of the staff we interacted with. Not in a formal way, more in the way where the people we met are a wonderful blend of passionate and highly skilled. Story of the impact of their work is free flowing and authentic.

Here’s a quick summary of my takeaway thoughts, paraphrases, from some of the speakers: (I sat in the front, so I paid attention!)

  • Tim Sawer (VP of Marketing) – “When we look at the life of Moses, his highs and lows, we see God affirming in him, there’s something good in you.
  • Torrey Olsen (Director of Christian Witness) – “The United States seems to always be on a cycle of emphasizing proclamation, compassion, or justice. But Jesus managed to do all three.
  • Steve Reynolds (Director of Communications) – Advocacy is representing the Good News of Jesus Christ, both here and there.
  • Jeff Wright (Director of Disaster Relief) “My business is summarized by the resourcing of three things: People, money, and stuff.”
  • Randy Strash (Director on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene team) “WASH is useless without integration with the rest of what we do to develop communities.”

The team is in high spirits. We’re currently waiting for our flight to New York. Lots of laughter, lots of jokes, in some ways we’re a bundle of nervous energy.

When Stories Merge

When I think about what I heard today and what we’re going to experience in the next several days, my hope is that our stories will begin to merge with the stories of the people we meet. When we know them, when we hear them, and when we listen to the Still Small Voice we will see God at work.

Our role from here on out is telling their stories. How that works out is yet to be seen. 

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