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You’re blowing it, dad

Friday at 2:00 PM I sent my last work off and hell week ended. I don’t mean, the week from hell, I mean it was a week where a lot had to get done and the brunt of the burden rested on my shoulders. There was no other choice: To meet the commitments to authors […]

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21 days, 77 days

Waiting in baggage claim on Thursday night I opened up Tripit, an iOS app I use to track all of my travel details. Here’s what it said. While exhausted from being gone from July 5th through July 26th– 3 amazing trips covering thousands of miles and investing in incredible things– I got really excited about […]

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Our Second Date


Kristen and I met in late April of our freshmen year at Moody, 1995. We were eighteen years old. For our first date we got tricked into a blind date by a mutual friend. It was fun and awkward and a good story in itself. Yet our relationship really started on our second date. (more…)

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Megan turned twelve yesterday. 12! Mom and dad did our best to suppress saying, “Holy cow. How has it been 12 years? You were just a baby yesterday?!?!!?” Of course, that’s what we were thinking. But such nostalgia is pre-teen uncool. Celebrating Megan (more…)

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