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Everyday Protests

Some people in border states are posting videos to YouTube of their protests of alleged illegal border patrol stops. Do these forms of protest make a difference?

This video was featured in a piece on KPBS yesterday, “What Happens if You Don’t Cooperate at Border Checkpoints?” The answer is… nothing. Without probable cause Border Patrol has no right to detain you. At first I watched this video and was annoyed. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. But as it […]

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Preparing My Heart for Cambodia

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.37.45 AM

As part of my preparation for Cambodia, I’ve been getting my hands on books and soaking up stories to better understand the history and culture. Prior to going on this trip I didn’t know much about Cambodia. I’d heard of the infamous killing fields, but didn’t grasp how recently in history the genocide began. (1975) […]

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Why I’m Going to Cambodia


Hello again! I’m back to share more about Cambodia. But first, a HUGE thank you to those who sponsored a mile yesterday. I’m grateful for your support. Just over $800 has been raised and there are still opportunities available. Miles 1-5 are looking a little lonely… (more…)

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The Steps of Justice Blog Takeover


Good morning! Let’s start this day off with a little blog takeover, shall we? I hope Adam doesn’t mind… I’ve just come back from a brisk early morning run. I’m not normally comfortable being the center of attention, but while I’m still running high on endorphins, I’ve got a favor to ask. You see, I’ve […]

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