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I’m excited to join the contributor team for the new blog. (A ministry with duel purposes. The help people struggling with pornography and they minister to individuals within the porn industry.) Here’s my first post, My Teenager is Making Porn, Uh… Now What?  As a parent you probably want to wring your kid’s neck, […]

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Geek Class Rising

Geek Class Rising

Sitting 5 feet from me is my 10-year old son, Paul. He’s playing Minecraft. He’s really into Minecraft. He’ll play Minecraft until he goes to school. Then he’ll play in the afternoon when he gets home from school. (more…)

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Two Dads Walk Into a Panera…

Two dads walk into a Panera...

Back in February, while traveling to Boston, I went to a Panera to grab dinner and catch-up on some email. I’m sitting there, finishing up my sandwich, with my laptop open and my ear buds in, when two dads sit down at nearby tables, each with one child sitting directly across from me. I switched […]

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