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Can I use Snapchat in a Responsible Way?


Today’s Tech Tuesday question comes from Amber: I have read a few of your posts about Snapchat. Snapchat can be used badly, as you have said in your articles. Also your pictures can be (most likely are) stored on Snapchat servers for them to use. For me I use Snapchat with my friends, and have never […]

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Why is Snapchat addictive?


Tech Tuesday question from Aaron R.  Snapchat. I feel like I am using it too much. I’m not worried about Snapchat not really deleting my pictures. I just feel that I’m using Snapchat to seek something else. I feel bad when I have all these stories and it looks like I am bragging but everybody […]

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Parenting in an Online World


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Rhett Smith, a friend, Texas therapist, long-time youth worker. His book, The Anxious Christian, has been extremely helpful in our home, helping us understand the role anxiety plays within ourselves and our kids. In this extended interview Rhett brought out many good […]

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From Monica to Snapchat


Whipser, Secret, Yik Yak, Snapchat, Burnbook, et al.  These are apps low on the “get it” list for adults. We look at them and wonder… “Why would I want that?” And it goes back to a fundamental difference between why teenagers use social media and why adults use social media. Adults use social media to […]

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