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Four Hours of Summit Videos


Go ahead and melt your brain for the next four hours with these Summit videos. Go back-to-back 19 times. Amazing stuff. Today we are announcing the first round of speakers for The Summit 2014 in Nashville. We’ve also extended the event to 2 full days at no additional cost. (We used to charge $40 for […]

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3 New Products from The Youth Cartel


Our not-so-little-anymore publishing line has added three brand new products. It’s been fun to watch each of them develop, I’m always amazed to see something go from an idea, to a proposal, to a contract, to a draft, to a manuscript, to a finished project. It’s a crazy and fun process full of late nights, […]

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The Making of a Book Cover


One of the crazy things about starting The Youth Cartel line of products has been, for me, learning how to make a book a book. Prior to starting our product line I’d never made anything for print. Sure, I’d designed stuff. But it was always for the web. Designing for print is a different beast […]

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