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Big Life, Small Life


Big Life From mid-January until last weekend I was on the road 53 days, something like 41,000 miles. Sitting next to someone on a plane or having lunch with a friend, inevitably I’ll hear, “So you travel a lot. That must be a lot of fun, right?” (more…)

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Travel as a Political Act


Watch the first 6-7 minutes of this presentation from Rick Steves, I think it’ll challenge your perceptions of what it means… …to travel. The “why” we need to travel beyond our borders is super important. …to share what we know to be true. I’ve watched and loved Rick Steves show on PBS for years, I’d heard him […]

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Oh no. I’m becoming one of those people


Last year, I traveled about 25% of the days. This year, I have more individual trips but fewer miles and days away from home because of a strategic change in how I travel. (More quick trips, less stringing together 2-3 trips into a really long trip.) Between now and June 1st I have 10 trips […]

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Two Days in Joshua Tree

Our little cabin in Wonder Valley

Kristen and I were fortunate enough to spend a couple days in Wonder Valley, near Joshua Tree National Park this week. It was a great way to recuperate together from the insanity of fall’s busyness. Specifically, it’s so important for us to spend time as a couple away from the kids. Since we don’t have […]

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