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Movie Reviews that Don’t Suck

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I don’t pretend to know much about film or movies. Fundamentally, I’m far too cheap to go to the movies very often. A few weeks ago Paul and I went to see The Martian while on our trip to Seattle: Two tickets: $25.60 Parking: $6 Seeing The Martian with my son: Priceless NO. It was […]

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That booth life


My feet, ankles, and knees are tired in that “I just stood on concrete for 3 days” kind of way. It’d been about 8 years since I’d last run a booth at the National Youth Workers Convention. Generally speaking, I’m not convinced that something like that is really our sweet spot at the Cartel… but with […]

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Youth Pastors in the News


Here’s a list of headlines from the month of September for the Google News search term, “Youth Pastor.” I’ve deleted multiple links to the same instance. 9/1/2015 – Trial Opens for Fannin County Youth Pastor – Bonham, TX – KXII 9/2/2015 – Mistrial Declared for Former Youth Pastor Accused of Sexual Assault – Bonham, TX – KTEN 9/3/2015 […]

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Solus Christus is Not Popular


Solus Christus – Our salvation is accomplished by the mediatorial work of the historical Christ alone. It’s one of the “Five Solas” that are core to what makes Protestants… protestant. These are what the Reformation was protesting. But I have to point this out: Solus Christus sure isn’t popular today.  Not in American Protestant churches, anyway. […]

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We Eat Our Young


Hamster cannibalism is not uncommon. When a hamster gives birth, she may feel pushed to eat some or all of the new pups. This may be a response to lack of resources (like food, space, or protein), fear of a perceived threat, or some type of confusion. Source Humans eat their young, too.  Two stories […]

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