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Shrinking the Job


I first learned this lesson as a young pastor. But it applies to me today just the same. In 2002 I left my job in Chicago, moved my family across the country, and started a job as the youth pastor in a small community in Northern California. The first week was spent cleaning out my […]

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Keep Youth Ministry Weird


Youth ministry is weird.  When planning a worship service for adults you’d never think, “We need a big group game to get people laughing.” Or, “Let’s have a sleep over right here in the church.” A little too weird for most adults. But awesome for 8th graders. It’s pretty rare that adults will show up an […]

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The Truth About Screens


I had an article featured as the cover story for Group Magazine’s January/February 2015 edition entitled, The Truth About Screens. Little old me. The cover story in the biggest magazine in youth ministry?  That’s cool, especially when you consider… I got a C+ in AP English in high school. I got a B in both semesters of […]

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Welcome to Dystopia


Welcome to Dystopia I made this video because I’m sick of the narrative. In the United States, the media portrays that we believe teenagers are incapable. They are a sub-human species guided by whims, under the influence of violent video games, and likely to drop their pants to take a selfie of their genitals at any […]

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