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It’s About Measurables

Let's Talk Measurables

“Ministry isn’t about numbers.” There’s some truth to this. But it’s also a cliche. It’s a mischaracterization of reality that is absolutely killing youth ministry. You can’t read the book of Acts and say… “Yeah, it’s not about numbers.” You can’t check your belief about hell and conclude, “It’s not about numbers.” You can’t check […]

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October 2014: Youth Pastors in the News


Here’s a list of headlines from the month of October for the Google News search term, “Youth Pastor.” I’ve deleted multiple links to the same instance. 10/30/14 – Ex-Pekin Youth Pastor Charged in Child Porn Case – Northwest Herald – IL 10/29/14 – Youth pastor electrocuted hours after sharing life goals – Christian Examiner – Toronto, ON 10/28/14 […]

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The American Teenager: A Sexting Machine?

A Sexting Machine

(if the clip doesn’t show up in your browser, here’s the link) In her latest movie, “Men, Women and Children,” Jennifer Garner plays an overprotective mom who obsessively monitors her daughter’s every keystroke, reading all her texts and even deleting objectionable ones. Source I’m over it. The media invented the term sexting out of thin air. They […]

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New video from Praying Pelican Missions

Be the Pelican Pinata

People ask me what makes Praying Pelican Missions different and why I’m a bit of a fanboy? This brand spanking new video helps explain it. Disclosure: Sometimes I do blog for PPM and they are a partner of ours. But, in this case, I’m posting the video because it’s new and does a great job of […]

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Immigration and Youth Ministry

Sad boy

The Problem U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimates that since October 2013, 66,000 children and teenagers have crossed the U.S. border without their parents, most of them from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They’re escaping gangs, street violence, and extreme poverty in their countries and usually coming to meet family members who live here. source A Reasonable […]

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