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Youth Ministry as an Advocate for Teenagers

Youth Ministry Advocate

“The administration needs to deport these families and children,” said Labrador, who appeared on the show [Meet the Press] after [DHS Security Secretary] Johnson. “I know it sounds harsh and difficult, but it’s better for the children. Send these children back in a humanitarian way. We can do it safely and efficiently.” Rep. Raul Labrador, Idaho (R) July 6th, […]

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Youth Worker, You Need a Life


I know far too many youth workers who need to get a life.  No friends their own age. Can’t carry on a decent, adult conversation. Their lives revolve around their church. (their employer) If they are married and/or have kids, they spend most of their free time with their family. This is a recipe for disaster. Loneliness. […]

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Open Expands Again!

Morgan Schmidt teaching at Open Boston

Three and a half years ago I had an informal chat with Jeff Keuss and Brian Aaby about trying out a new idea in Seattle. The core idea was simple. “What would happen if we flipped the current youth ministry training event model on it’s head?” (more…)

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In Youth Ministry 60% is an A


Being a volunteer in youth ministry is a grind. Brian Berry, the high school pastor at our church, explained it like this: “Working with high school students is often like putting in the foundation in a house. Lots of holes get dug, lots of wire gets run, lots of important stuff happens… but you aren’t usually […]

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