Don’t Click Here

You’re a naughty one. I like that about you.

Like you– I have contrarian tendencies. The crowd goes one way and I wonder what is happening with those going the other?

There’s a good chance you are like that, too. That’s why you clicked a link that said, “Don’t click this link. It’s dangerous.” We both have rejected the safety of the known for the thrill of the unknown. Rather than worry about what could happen we are enthralled by emerging possibilities.

We should be friends!

One way God has gifted me is to look at complex problems from a slightly different perspective. When presented with a problem and offered A/B solutions… my mind automatically seeks out a third option solution.

My blog is an exploration of my walk with God every day, looking at life through the lens of Scripture and asking the Father… what will you have me do today? And often times that leads me to write things that are… third options.

That’s my promise to you as we build our relationship. I will occasionally cross lines with which you are uncomfortable crossing. I will likely piss you off. I will not hide from the dark crevices of life for the sake of putting a shiny wrapper on difficult problems or difficult solutions. I will keep it real.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Click Here

  1. Hi Adam!

    The Moody alumni office likes a little bit of danger, which is why we have subscribed to your blog. = )
    Thank you for your writing and for the conversations you welcome your readers to. I look forward to following along and keeping in touch!

    Just to let you know, I listed your blog on the Moody Alumni Blogroll here:

    Peace to you!

  2. You don’t have to give photo credit to for that. I’ll bring the Doritos and a camera, you provide Jackson and a bowl. Easy.

    Also, best family portrait idea. Ever. The whole family, each in their own bowl of Doritos. Or everybody in a big bowl. Your choice.

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