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Start-up Success: Big Heart, Big Ears, Tiny Head


The Youth Cartel is my second start-up. My first, Youth Ministry Exchange, had acquisition in its DNA from it’s day one. Launched in 2005 and sold in 2008 we wanted to acquire as many users as possible, as quickly as possible. We wanted as much activity as we could get, as quickly as possible. The “why” of […]

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Haiti Vision Trip 2015


I made my first trip to Haiti in February 2010, shortly after the earthquake that devastated much of Port-au-prince and it’s sister city Carrefour. In that first trip, amidst all of the devastation and loss of life, my life was forever changed by the undeniable sense that God was at work in Haiti’s darkest hour. […]

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To Settle or Sriracha?


We’ve lived in San Diego for 6 years. Moving here from Detroit I had little doubt we’d get access to great Mexican food. Truth be told, Detroit was mostly lacking in ethnic food options, so moving somewhere with a lot of ethnic diversity was a big win. But a pleasant surprise in moving here has been […]

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