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The American Teenager: A Sexting Machine?

A Sexting Machine

(if the clip doesn’t show up in your browser, here’s the link) In her latest movie, “Men, Women and Children,” Jennifer Garner plays an overprotective mom who obsessively monitors her daughter’s every keystroke, reading all her texts and even deleting objectionable ones. Source I’m over it. The media invented the term sexting out of thin air. They […]

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4 Emerging Apps for High School Students

4 Emerging Apps for High School Students

I’m often asked: “What’s the big social media thing with teenagers right now?” That’s a really hard question right now because of a fractured landscape. Unlike in 2010, when Facebook dominated, it’s hard to point to a single application and say it’s the big thing. The only thing I’d describe as dominant right now is texting. […]

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Over the past few months I’ve been piecing together everything I’d need to take my kayak out lobster fishing. For those who don’t live in Southern California, the spiny lobster is a local treat that grows along coastal waters. And while it’s not fished extensively for commercial purposes it is one of the most popular […]

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Help! My Teenager is Addicted to Reading

addicted to reading

I heard giggles coming from her bedroom. It was nearly midnight. She’d gone to bed hours before. I stared down the hallway expecting to see darkness but I saw a streak of light peaking under her door. Inching near her door I heard it. It’s a sound every parent fears coming from their teenagers room. […]

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