The Real American Idol

I know everyone is wondering who will win tonight on American Idol. Will it be David Cook or David Archuleta? But the contest that has been keeping me up late on Tuesday’s isn’t the pop music drama, it’s the political “idol.” With just a few votes left to be cast, the media is sucking in monster ratings as the battle for the Democratic nomination is up for grabs.

America Voted… And the Winner is.. if you’ve been paying attention the last couple of weeks you’ll know that it is now impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination outright. Obama has amassed a sizable lead in both actual votes cast and superdelegates. Yet, Clinton refuses to quit and many in America love that story line.

There’s No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here! As I’ve watched dozens of speeches between the two of them it’s clear that both are trying to play the same card as underdog. Clinton is a “poor girl” from the richest area in Chicago who struggles on just $7 million a year.  Everyone knows she is filthy rich but seems to accept that she somehow represents the average person. Obama tells the immigrant story, the rise from nothing. He may be brilliant and have won his senate race by a Daley-like landslide, but he is somehow still the underdog. Both try to be humble and lift their opponents up. Both fight back when their spouse is under attack. On and on they go… “I am the humblest, most underdog candidate, vote for me, donate some money to my campaign.

The season finale… is it coming?


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