Lip Reading the Presidential Debates

With just 2 weeks to go until the elections I am really enjoying some of the comedy to come out of this election.

Practically speaking, I can’t believe I’ve really watched all four debates. Some of them I’ve actually watched twice. The irony is that I watched the last 2 debates after already voting! 

Question: How is your church handling the election? Are you encouraging people to vote? Are you avoiding it altogether? Or are you hosting some way for folks to talk about various candidates for various offices?

Two Big Surprises in the Campaigns

  1. Obama – While he’s had some very good crowds and some big names, I’ve been surprised at how little attention the Republicans have made about his failed use of star power. The left’s alignment with “Hollywood elite” seemed to work as a political attack in the past, why not in 2012? Seems like they should have talked about how lackluster some of that stuff has been compared to 2008. I mean, compared to 2008 the Obama campaign has been really, really lame. Since California isn’t “in play” we don’t really hear many of the commercials. So maybe I’m just not seeing those attacks? 
  2. Romney – I can’t believe Democrats aren’t appealing to evangelicals over Romney’s Mormon faith. Whether you think Mormonism is another religion altogether or a cult of Christianity, Romney would be the first non-protestant to hold the office since Kennedy. Either way, it’s a really big deal. (Sidenote: I hope the BGEA fires Franklin Graham for rejecting the orthodox position on Mormonism to re-assure conservatives.) My assumption is that many of my evangelical friends really are torn, will say they will vote and tell people they voted, but probably won’t because they can’t vote for either candidate.
  3. BONUS – If you missed the Vice Presidential debate you missed an incredible articulation between two views on Pro-Life among Catholics. (watch the video) I’m not Catholic, but I do admire how both vantage points are embraced within the church and the church claims both Biden & Ryan as her own. I’d like to see that same respect shared in evangelical circles.

Reminder for comments. I’m totally cool with comments, but let’s be respectful and calm the rhetoric rather than stir it up.






7 responses to “Lip Reading the Presidential Debates”

  1. Kurt J. Avatar
    Kurt J.

    Obama’s a lefty, socialist, closet muslim!
    Romney’s an out-of-touch, woman hating, George Bush wanna-be!

    Oh, you said calm the rhetoric. Sorry.

    Tough election for me. I could honestly see myself voting for either candidate or for neither.

    1. Ken Avatar

      ha! didn’t see your post Kurt. ;^)

  2. Donn Baca Avatar

    The Obama Campaign definitely doesn’t want to bring up faith or what religion someone adheres to – it is a major personal problem for Obama. Between Wright and Muslim suspicians in the electorate…
    In regards to faith in general, I will never support someone who has voted 5 times against a law which would make it illegal to kill a newborn…ie. Obama on the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” – disgraceful, shameful, unconscienable…you choose the word…two days after being inaugurated he rescinded the Mexico City Protocol – making public funding available for ANY type of abortion (including types illegal in the USA. Mr. Obama has the worst record ever in regards to protecting the unborn and newborn. He will take care of you from “the cradle to the grave”…he just won’t help the most innocent human being make it to the cradle…in fact he has tireless done everything to assist “pro-abortion” proponents.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      @facebook-711052947:disqus Good comment. From a religion perspective, its so odd that people would not be OK with a liberal Christian (UCC is a protestant denomination, vastly different from evangelicalism without a doubt, but still clearly Christian) but perfectly OK with a person who is openly non-Christian. (Mormonism denies the exclusivity of Christ, a core tenant of the Christian faith) This article on the CNN Belief Blog really captures this notion that Obama is the “wrong kind of Christian.”

      As far as the pro-life issue… whomever you’d like to attribute it to, the birth rate among 15-19 year olds is the lowest its ever been recorded at. (The drop is attributed to increased education and use of contraceptives, not increased abortions)

      Biden explained the position pretty well in the debate video I linked to above. Personally, I’ve given up on the Republican position on abortion… they haven’t made any headway with it in a generation… why not focus on a position that limits the need for abortion as opposed to the only option on the table being to outlaw it? I was in that camp, but I’d rather take the pro-active position than just do nothing and wait for a law change that will likely not ever happen. (And, as Romney has said, he won’t introduce any legislation to change abortion laws… merely defund it federally.)

      The Mexico Protocol, as you well know, flip flops every time a party takes over. It’s not like that’s just an Obama-ism. Like a lot of executive orders that take place in the first months of a presidency with a party change… that’s just one of them.

      1. ken Avatar

        good stuff. how did I miss this too?!

  3. Ken Avatar

    Really appreciate your post, Adam. I see so many of my “Christian” friends really pumping up Romney and/or bashing Obama. I just can’t get over voting for a Mormon. Am I missing something? I mean, I know I have conservative friends that really think Obama is a Muslim. I have to wonder if some people feel like they are voting between a Muslim and a Mormon.

    However, Obama IS a professed Christian regardless of what people may think. Anyway, I would love a Christ follower to help me understand why people of faith should vote for Romney over Obama. Not trying to stir the pot. Legitimately would love some help processing.
    I’m sure this isn’t the “right” place to do this but I can’t imagine really trying to have an objective conversation about this on Facebook. Maybe I should…

  4. Mike Avatar

    The whole thing should be about the person running, not the party. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Romney or Obama, then don’t. I can’t speak for other states, but in Washington, we have several candidates on the ballot. Investigate them, find the one that most resonates with your world view and vote for them. As long as we chose to vote for the “lesser of two evils” we’ll never see the other candidates be taken seriously, and that includes Ron Paul. America needs to take off the two party blinders and start voting for the person, not the party.

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