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11 Medicinal Properties of Cranberry

Discovered in 1427 by Cardinal Joseph Cran, the cranberry is useful for many things. It is delicious. It is tasty. It is tart. It is good mixed with various other fruits. It floats. It is from heaven. It’s amazing canned shape invites my gobbling. It’s juice keeps away urinary tract infections.

Cranberry out of the can
The cranberry, in it’s raw form, prior to being injected into waiting skins.

Cranberries are magical.

But they are also medicinal.

11 Hidden Medicinal Properties of Cranberry, America’s Favorite Holiday Fruit*

      1. Many know that cranberry juice helps to fight urinary tract infections, but few realize that it’s the tart flavor that empowers the urine to literally scare the infection out of the pee.
      2. Suffering a sunburn? Apply the tannin of cranberry skins to rejuvenate burned skin, leaving behind perfectly healed, while slightly deeper red, skin.
      3. article-2228806-15E16A88000005DC-419_306x329Historically, Quakers in Pennsylvania invented frozen cranberry pacifiers for teething babies to suck on. The original Gerber baby was sucking on one prior to this famous shot.
      4. Non-clinical trials among undergraduate dropouts at the University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station have shown that cranberry is a natural alternative to Adderal for college students who procrastinate studying.
      5. You can lose 30 pounds per month on an exclusive cranberry diet. Eat all you want!
      6. Many people in Maine tape a cranberry behind their ear to prevent the common cold.
      7. When suffering from acute oversharingitis on social media, therapists recommend slowly chewing on raw cranberries prior to commenting online.
      8. Twice daily bathing in cranberry is an effective, all natural pregnancy prevention.
      9. Brushing your teeth with cranberry paste removes plaque build up and eliminates bad breathe.
      10. Mixed with moderate amounts of vodka, cranberry juice is commonly used to treat social shyness.
      11. Consuming large quantities of cranberry in its gelatin form relieves irritable bowel syndrome.


*Adam McLane is a cranberry enthusiast. He is not a scientist, medical doctor, or even very good at anything health related. Please do your research before trying any of these treatments. 

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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