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First to stand up? Or first to punk out?


I read this yesterday on Love is an Orientation. It’s from Michael Kimpan, associate director of The Marin Foundation.

It made me think all day.

He shared the story of how the crowd at Wrigley turned on a fan, not because he was a Brewers fan, but because he had acne. As the crowd chanted “pizza face” with an increasing furor, Michael and Andrew knew they needed to do something. And they did. They got all indignant up in the holy hallowed halls of Wrigley Field. They stood up. And they acted. And they didn’t stop acting until something changed. And, to their bewilderment, the same people who once did nothing stopped them to thank them.

Michael wrapped it up with this thought:

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Three Memories from Coeur D’alene


I took my first trip to Idaho. (The list of states I’ve not been to is getting smaller and smaller.) Less than 24 hours total… it was like an appetizer for that beautiful state. 

2 quick thoughts about the trip itself

  1. In my mind, Coeur D’alene was a lot closer to Seattle. But someone put a desert in the middle of Washington. They should do something about that. 
  2. It was fun to hang with Lars Rood. We did a mini-roadie where we caught up on life, drank way too much coffee, and had a few middle school moments.
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The Thrill of the Landing

62823_10151611408318792_897791716_n15 minutes ago Ryan McRae stuck the landing.

I met Ryan a couple of years ago. We made fast friends.

Ryan’s problem was that he was stuck.

He had a good job, one that he was good at and paid him well enough. He had a community of friends, way more of a social life than I ever have had.

But he was haunted. It was a good life… but it wasn’t a great one. Incremental changes helped him  but he just sensed he was on the wrong journey.