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mi case es su case put to the test

This weekend, I am in the Chicago area with some upperclassmen visiting Moody Bible Institute and Trinity International University. For LF, this is an annual thing. Yes, it’s become tradition. And there are lots of little traditions that go along with it.

Such as, we take them to Irazu in Bucktown for an oatmeal shake. Then we have to go to Johnnies in Elmwood Park for some greasy Italian beef sandwiches. This is thin beef, cooked in some beefy oil, and served up with peppers, hot or sweet. It’s a whole in the wall… But holy cow is it good. This weekend is all about spoiling my upperclassmen… So far so good. Last night I took them to "what Oak parking" eat. We started at Flat Top Grill and followed that up with some high quality ice cream over at Oberweis on Oak Park Avenue.

The crazy thing about this trip! What is insane about this trip is that for the entire weekend we crash at my cousin’s house. Maria is like a sister to me… Unfortunately that can be both bad and good. (As in, I abuse her hospitality sometimes by crashing 9 people in her house for a weekend every once in a while.) She always says the same thing, "Mi casa es su casa." I think that after this year she might be thinking "mi casa NOT su casa." But so far so good.

In other news. I am officially sick with whatever is going around. Sore throat, nauseous, dizziness…. A real great time! I was awake a lot last night…. Not good timing. Megan just got over this and Paul and Kristen are just getting it too. Another funny thing… I just learned that our webhost for the church is dumping us. So while I liked the local guy… It looks like our growing site will be moving to

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picking fights

Occasionally, my daughter will pick a fight with me. It’s kind of funny since she’s only 3, but she really does pick fights with me. Not the physical type, just what I call the "pissing contest."

She will try to get her way. Even though she will know fully that I have no intention on giving into her, she will throw a tantrum anyway. For the most part I think she does this just to establish and re-establish who is in charge. But sometimes it’s more than that, it a principle thing. It seems as though she is trying to step up and let me know that she is really able to make a decision or do something that I am not allowed to do. I always t ake this challenge to her. Not because I like to be a bully, but because I am looking to challenge her rather than "over-loving" her and just giving her whatever she wants. I am interested in raising a daughter who knows when and how to pick a fight…. rather than just being a brat. I want her to be able to challenge anyone on anything and win. Is that strange, or what?