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Burning Down the [Road]House

Texasfire Kristen and I were enjoying a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Hall Road. Suddenly, after we’d finished and were in the process of paying… we heard a commotion. I was convinced that it was that annoying birthday thing where everyone screams and claps to embarass someone on their birthday.

Nope! Those workers at the restaraunt were shouting "Fire! Everyone get out." There wasn’t much chaos, but there was a sense of urgency.

A few moments later we were out in the parking lot… amazed that we’d been a part of a building on fire. I looked up on the roof and sure enough there were flames coming from the roof. Sadly, within a few minutes the parking lot was empty and many of the people there were happy to get something for nothing. What a weird way to start a date!

Food and Drink

date nite

KrusemuerLast night Kristen and I went to Kruse & Muer in downtown Rochester. it was the start to a pretty nice date night. Any night where we don’t have the kids is a date night these days!

We had a few funny moments worth mentioning.

  1. – We thought it was pretty clear that there was a rear entrance. But we still don’t know if that was an entrance because we felt like we walked through the kitchen to get to the hostess desk.

– Since we came in the back door we ended up right in the front of the line to put in our name. She looked at me and said, "As long as you’re only going to be here and hour we can get you in right now." I thought… no problem. Then the very next person asking for a table for 2 were told "30-50 minutes." Kristen and I looked at each other and said… that’s never happened to us before!

– For "a rush table" the server sure wasn’t in a hurry at first. It was about 10 minutes before she came to our table… which was fine because their menu had too many options. I’m a big fan that if you have a specials menu it replaces the regular menu.

– Kristen ordered the Atlantic Salmon and I ordered the Santa Fe Grouper, even though I am pretty sure there aren’t any grouper in New Mexico!

– When our meal came Kristen got a quite large piece of salmon and I got a tiny little fillet of grouper and a big pile of rice… but I could see on our servers tray another order exactly like mine. She looked at me quite puzzled.

– My plate was empty in about 5 minutes. It was good but it went REAL fast. Well, about 2-3 minutes after that the manager comes up to us blushing… "Um sir, somehow we screwed up… here is the rest of your order… sorry about that." And she slid another steaming plate of grouper!

– Then our waitress came over, very apologetic and explained that she had written on our order "step on it" and the chef misread that as "split it."

The best part of this is that this little posh restaurant was so embarrassed about doing this to me and I couldn’t have cared less! I wasn’t going to complain about the small portion because I am too ignorant about posh little restaurants to know how much I should have gotten! I kind of figured that since their other posh restaurant in Rochester, Rochester Chop House, had left us hungry… it must be something posh about small portions!

Of course the best part of dinner was the company. That sounds cheesy but it is true. It was fun for Kristen and I to go out and be alone together.

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mi case es su case put to the test

This weekend, I am in the Chicago area with some upperclassmen visiting Moody Bible Institute and Trinity International University. For LF, this is an annual thing. Yes, it’s become tradition. And there are lots of little traditions that go along with it.

Such as, we take them to Irazu in Bucktown for an oatmeal shake. Then we have to go to Johnnies in Elmwood Park for some greasy Italian beef sandwiches. This is thin beef, cooked in some beefy oil, and served up with peppers, hot or sweet. It’s a whole in the wall… But holy cow is it good. This weekend is all about spoiling my upperclassmen… So far so good. Last night I took them to "what Oak parking" eat. We started at Flat Top Grill and followed that up with some high quality ice cream over at Oberweis on Oak Park Avenue.

The crazy thing about this trip! What is insane about this trip is that for the entire weekend we crash at my cousin’s house. Maria is like a sister to me… Unfortunately that can be both bad and good. (As in, I abuse her hospitality sometimes by crashing 9 people in her house for a weekend every once in a while.) She always says the same thing, "Mi casa es su casa." I think that after this year she might be thinking "mi casa NOT su casa." But so far so good.

In other news. I am officially sick with whatever is going around. Sore throat, nauseous, dizziness…. A real great time! I was awake a lot last night…. Not good timing. Megan just got over this and Paul and Kristen are just getting it too. Another funny thing… I just learned that our webhost for the church is dumping us. So while I liked the local guy… It looks like our growing site will be moving to