golf, golf, golf

Golf, golf, golf. It seems like everywhere I look I am consumed by the game. Yesterday I played 18, then spent 2 more hours practicing. When I arrived home, I got a notice from the USGA about the upcoming qualifier. Also, I was invited to volunteer at next weeks Champions Tour event in Grand Rapids. I’ve got a golf team meeting next week, and then the junior tour season is underway. Winter is now but a distant memory.

What else is going on? Lots this weekend. I’ll be enjoying time with the family today as well as all day Monday. The only bad thing is that the weather looks real bad beyond today. We’re all hoping that the weather forcasts are wrong.

Let this be te first rant about my neighbors. I don’t like them very much. The adults are always either drinking or smoking outside. It’s bad enough you want to kill yourself over a 20 year period… but do I have to watch? Also, they never supervise their children. There are constantly kids outside who are nosey and we have to chase off of Megan’s outside toys. I don’t easily annoy, but this is annoying to no end. I can’t even go outside and get something from the car without playing 20 questions with some snot nosed kid.

golf light force

Another Round

Last night was pretty small, but a good youth group night. It’s kind of funny, but we played perhaps the simplest youth group game in the history of youth group, volleyball, and everyone loved it. What a reminder that the simplest way is often the best way.

It was a pleasure and an honor to talk about legacies and mention great names last night. More than that, it was amazing to talk about Mr. Wendt and his "already evident" legacy exhibited by his sons. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 weeks since Larry passed away.

In the golf world. What a tale of 2 halves of a round. 6 consecutive bogies. But went birdie, par, par on the last 3 holes for an ugly 41. Best part about it though, I’m hitting some fairways again. Been a long time since I found the short stuff.

Last lunch with my students at Romeo HS today. It’s amazing that most people are still shocked that I go. I love my job… and there is no finer time then spending quality time with Americus Highschoolucus in their native environment. I am constantly praying that the 2 junior highs will allow me on campus for lunches in the fall.