A Hodgepodge

This week I’m in Les Cayes, Haiti working alongside Praying Pelican Missions, a local church, and three North American churches– one from South Carolina, one from Connecticut, and the other from Windsor, Ontario. I was walking with Caroline, the trip leader, earlier this morning and we described this as a “hodgepodge group.” There’s not a […]

Off to Haiti

Tonight, I’m catching a flight that’ll have me back on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by Saturday morning. For the next week I’ll be tagging along with three teams to a more remote area of Haiti than I’ve ever been, Les Cayes. After arriving in Port-au-Prince in the morning I’ll spend a few hours at […]

What Haiti Taught Me About Nepal

Tony Jones wrote this: A standard issue in theodicy has been an attempt to protect the sovereignty of God. Consider that theological shorthand for the omni’s: omnipotence, omniscence, and omnipresence. Combine that with God’s benevolence and immutability, and you’ve got a divine being who’s a lot closer to Plato’s Nous than to Moses’ Yahweh. What if, instead, God […]