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Stardate 73706.1: Fifteenth day of social distancing

Oooo… we’re halfway the-ere. Woo ohhh. Livin’ on a prayer. Thank you 90s hottie. 15 days down, 15 to go? I hope so. The news on this virus was terrible today. Terrifying really. NY is a week ahead of us. Good Lord it could be bad here. Meanwhile in Rolando we can’t manage to keep people out of the park? Stop playing basketball! Playing basketball is not social distancing. Here in McLandia we are all healthy, the box of Pingüinos fully sealed, Kristen and Adam are still managing to keep everyone alive. I’m alternating between watching the British Baking Show and Tiger King. I’d kind of like to see Joe Exotic make a pavlova. I kept myself busy today with a little garage project, installing new LED lights so I can use the desk in there if I need to. It’s not that I don’t like working next to Jackson all day. I adore him. But he never stops talking and that makes it difficult to actually work from home. Plus, i think Minecraft is dumb. There, i said it. So instead of sitting next to him I’ll now have the option to work next to the water heater. $650,000 in real estate and I get to work next to a water heater. Isn’t adulthood grand? In other news, the 500 seeds we planted last weekend are starting to pop up. We will soon have a tiny forest of summer veggies available at a driveway near you for just $3 each. We are keeping surprisingly busy while we wait full quarantine. This March has lived up to its moniker. 

Current body temperature: 98.0
Rolls of toilet paper: 2.2 cases
Number of times I touched my face: A lot
Supplies: Supplies are solid and stores are replenished
Dollars received from the government: $0 of $3400 
Social distancing grade: A

hmm... thoughts

Stardate 73711.4: Seventeenth day of social distancing

Tonight I thought it would be fun to go to CVS Pharmacy to walk around and feel normal. It wasn’t fun. I don’t recommend it. Today was Monday. Every day kind of feels like Monday. Or Saturday. Who cares anymore. I get up at my normal time each day, try to maintain some sort of routine, drink my coffee, but without the need to leave to drive to school or other things on my schedule, it’s all kind of a wash. I worked at my desk in the garage today. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m still astonishingly busy. I think it’s because people who are normally busy traveling are home now. Speaking of Marko, he’s teaching again at Thursday’s “Church for Youth Workers” and you should come. The first one was super great. When this is all over can we keep the neighborhood vibe? I’m talking to my neighbors nearly every day right now. The dogs were amused by everyone being home. Now I think they are bored of us. Too many walks. Too much petting. Too many treats. Think of all the vocabulary we can forget when this is all over? Flatten the curve, social distancing, CDC, FDA, WHO, and Dr. Fauci. All words we’ll never have to say again. The older kids are playing a board game tonight called “Pandemic.” I’m raising savages. Tonight they issued a stay at home order for Baja California. Yesterday they ordered all restaurants to only offer take-out. I hope they lift that before I get to go back. Because if I have to get my tacos or birria to go, I’ll still get it. But it won’t be the same. I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately about when things get back to normal. I think I’m going to break social norms and hug all the people at my favorite taco shops. Sure, I miss people. But I miss tacos a lot too. 

Current body temperature: 98.8
Rolls of toilet paper: 2.1 cases
Number of times I touched my face today: Less than 2400
Supplies: I bought candy tonight. If you tell people I bought candy I won’t be able to share it with you. 
Money received from the government: $0 of $3400
Social distancing grade: B- (Someone got 3 feet from me at CVS. What was wrong with that guy?)

hmm... thoughts

Stardate 73702.9: Fourteenth day of social distancing

We went to Costco today. We got hot dogs and they were delicious. Burping up hot dog breath in the car with the windows up, not hot but worth it. We also went to Smart & Final where we did not touch people. When the cashier guy handed me the receipt our hands almost touched. It was close but I don’t think we touched. [Rolando folks, they have toilet paper at Smart & Final.] Kristen and I foraged enough to last another two weeks. Unless the Zombies come. Something tells me they’ll eat the brains of the pacifists first so I’m pretty screwed. In other news, GO OUTSIDE. I don’t know about the rest of the world but Spring is here in San Diego. It’s been raining a lot and that means everything is blooming and the sky is super clear. If we had parks I’d say go for a hike. But we don’t. Instead, take a walk around your neighborhood. One of the things I admire about Kristen is that she constantly notices beautiful things great and small in all directions. Go on a walk with her and notice the clouds. “Can you see the moon?” “Look at these flowers or that bush.” “Do you see that it’s growing right now? Soon those buds will turn orange.” So be like Kristen, go on a walk and forget your phone. Forget your worries. Forget work. Forget that the kids are at home and probably want dinner. These are crazy times. But don’t forget to notice stuff. Don’t forget to write stuff down. Start your own Stardate journal. Today when we got home from Costco I immediately took a shower. In the shower I was thinking about all the places I’ve gone in my life so far. If I’m honest I never thought I’d have to come home from Costco and take a shower for fear that I’d catch some deadly virus. Nothing really scares me. I’ve visited people with TB and not worn a mask. A couple of years ago I brought home Zika as a souvenir from Haiti. I recommend maybe bringing home coffee instead? I’ve been in tents of people who’ve lost everything and I’ve never felt the things I feel right now. It’s much less interesting when it’s you. I’m hardwired to go and do things and it’s absolutely crazy to me that if things go wrong people like Adam McLane will be setting up tents in Clay Park. I’ll end with the highlight of my week. On Monday I was invited to a staff call with my friends at Praying Pelican Missions. Everyone was supposed to wear a PPM t-shirt but one staff member wore a pickle costume instead. Sometimes you just need a good laugh and that made me laugh so hard I was glad I had already gone to the bathroom. I love laughing. It’s my favorite emotion. And I look forward to laughing with my friends again, in person, as soon as we get past this. Thankfully, no one in our house has eaten the Pinguinos yet. 14 days in and we’re all healthy. 

Current body temperature: 97.4
Rolls of toilet paper: Enough to cover the fact that we also have 25 lbs of black beans in storage
Number of times I touched my face: I did not stick my finger in my mouth at Costco. But I did eat a hot dog. 
Supplies: Good Lord we bought a lot of food today. We’re good. 
Social distancing grade: B