Yesterday, Paul caught a trophy fish. OK, so it’s not technically a trophy fish. He won’t win any awards and we didn’t even keep it. It was just a little spotted bay bass. But that one fish represents a major accomplishment. It was the first saltwater fish Paul caught completely unassisted from the shore.  He’d […]

It’s about the results, not the process

Michelangelo didn’t do it right. Boss man didn’t like the nose.  You didn’t do your math right. Well, you got the right answer but your teacher marked you down because you couldn’t show that you did the problem the way she wants to see. We celebrate Thomas Edison for his inventions. But we just prefer […]

To Be Like the Postal Carrier

Working from home reveals all the daily routines that happen around your house while you’re typically away. 3 different garbage trucks come on Friday. (Garbage, recycling, yard waste. Though the later two come on a secret schedule which lives on our refrigerator.) An elderly woman picks through everyone’s recycling to get cans and bottles. Our […]