The Distraction of Perceived Competition

Competition versus Perceived Competition

  • Did you see what ____ is doing?
  • Did you see what ____ had on their blog?
  • I heard ____ is going to do ______ next year. Wow. Total game changer.
  • _____ is kicking butt with ______.

If you are in leadership, any kind of leadership, you hear this stuff all the time. 

I catch myself going there from time-to-time. And I’ve learned that it’s nothing more than a big, fat distraction.


Actually, Failure is an Option

Wait a minute...
Wait a minute…

The most common thing

I love what you guys are doing.”

This is a phrase I hear today about our work at The Youth Cartel. It’s a compliment. I say thank you. But I hear it so much– usually 3-4 times per day in one form or another — that I’m not even sure what it means anymore.

I just know it’s a whole lot better than,  “So, have you thought about looking for a job?” Yep, I heard that a couple times per week when I had another job. No one has said that to me in a long time. And for that I’m grateful.

The second most common thing


The Chase

The Grind

working-the-penske-grindSitting at a stop light.

Mind racing.

Texts flowing in, trying to ignore them.

Kids in the car, not looking forward to school, but not fighting it either.

I’m trying to distract my racing mind by listening to the radio. But that P!ink song is on. And if I hear it one more time my eyeballs may pop out.

In so many ways it’s just a normal day.