Your ever evolving vision


  • Knowing what we know now what can we do better?
  • All this got us here. What do we need to learn to get us there? 
  • If this is level 1 or 2 what will level 7 or 8 look like? 

Last week, I re-watched our first video announcing my joining The Youth Cartel. This was the Cartel on July 10th, 2011. 


The Power and Purpose of Play

One of the things I’ve been learning is that I simply cannot work all of the time.

I have to play. Beyond the concept of Sabbath, which is ultimately about trust that God will provide 7 days of sustenance for 6 days of work, the discipline of play (recreation) is the secret ingredient to creation. (In my world, my creativity is a commodity.)

Therefore, you can’t have creation without recreation.


p.s. This is my first test video with the GoPro Hero 3. First impressions? Wow!


The History of Typography

I’m Learning a Lot Everyday

As I was watching this video I couldn’t help but think… how did this happen?

By “this” I guess I mean… 

Every day I’m learning new things, new techniques, new ways of doing something, new ways to connect vision to reality.

Today I’ll build a website for The Summit, an event that Marko and I created last year to help youth workers dream about advancing their ministry in new ways.

Tomorrow I’ll finalize the interior layout for Every Picture Tells a Story, 2013 edition.

Everything about those two sentences are outside of my formal training.

  • I went to school to be a youth pastor, not a web developer.
  • I studied biblical theology, not the psychology of typography.
  • I was taught how to plan small events and retreats, not conferences.
  • I went to a school that taught the fundamentals of youth ministry, not advancing anything in new ways.
  • My education taught me a lot about books, reading them and not designing them. Much less taking them to market.

What the point?

Your knowledge, experience, skills, and aptitude are preparing you for something new.

This perspective has taught me that what I know got me here but what I’ll learn today will get me there tomorrow, closer to my ultimate goals.