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Meeting Nikole Lim and learning about her organization, Freely in Hope, was one of my highlights of 2011. We all know that storytelling is a powerful medium for moving people to action. Nikole’s eye for this is exhibited beautifully in her short film, While Women Weep. The film threads together the stories of several African […]

The worldwide leader in…

I’ve been a college sports fan my whole life. It’s safe to say there has never been a time like this. Never. Ever. Ever. One by one the most trusted names in college sports are having the skeletons removed from their closet and broadcast on national news. Jim Tressel, the squeaky clean football coach in […]

What is Happening in Alabama?

This video is shocking. It makes me wonder, “Have the people of Alabama learned anything from the civil rights movement?” Here’s the full content of the law. Listen carefully to the statement. They have taken the Arizona law and added to it more stringent requirements. Essentially, you have to provide a state issued ID proving […]