mad money power

Mad_moneyI am a fan of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. And apparently a lot of people are. After his 60 Minutes introduction to the world this weekend… there were millions of people watching him last night.

Well, the story goes that Jim changed his mind on a stock, a stock I own. In his commentary he told people… "AMD has overtaken Intel as the best in breed for semiconductors. Buy AMD." Apparently, a lot of people listened. Today Intel fell 29 cents a share while AMD went up 50 cents a share.

Need another example? He ended his show with a hot tip. He suggested people buy a small no name company called, Capstone Turbine. The company had just inked a deal with Wal*Mart to put in their new super earth friendly power generator that Wal*Mart may or may not put in every store… his advice… BUY BUY BUY!

Well, Capstone typically sells about 1-3 millions shares per day at between $1.50-$3.00. Well, let’s say I invested $5000 in Capstone this morning when the markets opened and sold it shortly before the close… your investment would have been worth $6786.78… a gain of 26% in a single day. That’s the power of media right there.

You think there will be more Mad Money fans after that? Sadly, probably not. People aren’t that bright when it comes to their money.


the bulls are running

Wall_street_raging_bull_marketToday will make 4-5 days of solid returns in the tech industry on Wall Street. With the 4th Quarter rolling along solidly, gas and oil prices headed south, and the holidays fast approaching… I think we’re only beginning to see a big rally in tech stocks. Intel is now at $24.80, up $2 in a week. If chip stocks are up… that means there are a lot of PC’s being manufactured.

family stocks

let’s get sirius

Siriuslogoblu_img_lrg So yesterday I posted that I got out of the oil business. I still think it was a good call. I stuck to my target and got out when Grey Wolf hit my sell point.

So, again I am taking Jim Cramer’s advice and backed up the bus to get me some Sirius satelite radio. Hopefully, I will make enough on this to actually afford buying satelite radio. I think that with some new technology coming out for Christmas, lots of cars coming Sirius equiped, and strong membership growths… this is a good play for the holiday season. If I am wrong, I’ll just have to work an extra year or two before I can retire. No biggie.