Throwback Thursday youth ministry

The Truth About Screens


I had an article featured as the cover story for Group Magazine’s January/February 2015 edition entitled, The Truth About Screens.

Little old me. The cover story in the biggest magazine in youth ministry? 

That’s cool, especially when you consider…

  • I got a C+ in AP English in high school.
  • I got a B in both semesters of college English classes required for my major.
  • When I started this blog I had 1 reader… me.
  • Even now, 10+ years later, a normal day on the blog is 2,000-3,000 readers.

I’m small time. 

So, while life really is going 10,000 miles per hour, I do want (and need) to stop for a bit and dwell on this. It is an accomplishment and I’m proud of it.

And I’m very appreciative to Rick Lawrence and the folks at Group Mag for the opportunity to write anything for them, much less a feature. I’m working hard to get published in a new and bigger venues.

So it feels good. It shows that the daily grind, in the long run, still works.

Did you read the article? What did you agree or disagree with? I’m looking to improve my writing, what could I have done better? 

Throwback Thursday

The Summer of 95

Today’s Throwback Thursday is to July 1995, the summer that Kristen and I became a couple. 

  • We were not quite 19 years old when we met, set up on a blind date at the end of our freshmen year at Moody.
  • This photo is in front of the Hesburgh Library at Notre Dame. Football fans know this mural, Word of Life, as Touchdown Jesus. The library and the campus itself were a bit of a refuge my senior year of high school. I lived pretty far from school and I used (cough, trespassed) at the library at least twice a week to study, read books, or just hang out.
  • Kristen came down to visit, spending the fourth of July weekend with my family at our cottage in Southwestern Michigan. Looking back, she was so brave.
  • Speaking of brave… look at that hand on her knee. [shakes head]
  • We took a few of these photos. Kristen’s camera had a timer, we’d set the timer and run to pose. Old school selfies.
  • Not sure about that outfit. Suede shoes and a long-sleeved silk button up shirt. Kristen clearly went with the comfortable route.
  • Also not in this photo? All the metal shavings from my dad’s clutch. I borrowed his truck to drive around but had no experience driving a stick shift. Oops. 
Throwback Thursday

My First Posts on Social Media

A quick trip down memory lane to my first posts on various social media platforms.


It took me a while to figure out what to do with Facebook. I was able to join because I was a student at Huntington. And mostly I was just keeping an eye on my high school students.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.12.19 AM

My first profile pic… totally a selfie. (That’s Paul!)



I remember signing up for Twitter with Billy sent me the link on AOL Instant Messenger. No lie. I kind of missing AIM. 


I didn’t care too much for Myspace, but I spent a lot of time lurking on Myspace and Xanga at that time.

Today I logged into Myspace for the first time since Tom was cool… and I found this beauty from back in the day. Make sure to follow Tom on Instagram, looks like he is doing just fine as a has been social media mogul.


And yes, Neil Diamond was in my Top 8.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.25.02 AM


I affectionately refer to Pinterest as “Porn for Women.” Yeah, but seriously… it is.

First thing I ever Pinned… pure gold.



I was pretty slow to adopt Instagram. Kristen used it for a long time before I finally signed up.

When did you join Facebook?