Christian Alternatives

Last night I got an invitation to put all of our church videos on a new Christian-only version of YouTube. First there was GodTube and now this. I laughed at GodTube’s claims that they were the fastest growing site on the internet… totally a joke of a statistic if you ask me… not like GodTube…… Continue reading Christian Alternatives

The Preference Wars of Church

Perry Noble of NewSpring Church has a couple of funny, yet serious, points about heaven and the preference wars of church today. I was reading through Revelation a couple of weeks ago and I had this thought, “I really think that some people might not like heaven!” Especially when I got to Revelation 7:9-12…seriously, take…… Continue reading The Preference Wars of Church

Dear Detroit Media: Leave Kwame Alone!

The last 3-4 days the local news in Detroit has not left the mayor alone. There are some allegations about him surrounding whether or not he lied about an affair he had with a staff member a few years back. And the Detroit media is having a field day. It’s completely disgusting that they have…… Continue reading Dear Detroit Media: Leave Kwame Alone!