Student ministry updates

Tonight is the “last” Light Force of the school year. Weather permitting, we will be outside horsing around until about 8 and then we’ll go inside for some snacks and my fake little awards. I actually have been having a good time coming up with some of these in my brain. Maybe I’ll post the…… Continue reading Student ministry updates


I may be the only person under the age of 40 in the whole world who doesn’t care too much for his birthday. It’s not that I dislike presents, not at all. I don’t even mind the attention too much. I suppose what I do not like is the “exposure of it all.” Everyone here…… Continue reading birthdays

picking fights

Occasionally, my daughter will pick a fight with me. It’s kind of funny since she’s only 3, but she really does pick fights with me. Not the physical type, just what I call the “pissing contest.” She will try to get her way. Even though she will know fully that I have no intention on…… Continue reading picking fights

more than golf

Golf, golf, golf. It seems like everywhere I look I am consumed by the game. Yesterday I played 18, then spent 2 more hours practicing. When I arrived home, I got a notice from the USGA about the upcoming qualifier. Also, I was invited to volunteer at next weeks Champions Tour event in Grand Rapids.…… Continue reading more than golf

the happy hooker

Over the past year or so I’ve been a major hooker of the golf ball. It’s something that I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to solve. Here are the things that I did to help alleviate the hook. Particularily with the longer irons. Focus on the ball. (I tend to take my eyes…… Continue reading the happy hooker


I hate to wait. It drives me insane when you are supposed to meet someone and they are late. It event makes me a little miffed if the person isn’t a little early for the meeting. Why? I could get all freudian and say it has to do with repressed anger at a parent or…… Continue reading waiting

Another round

Last night was pretty small, but a good youth group night. It’s kind of funny, but we played perhaps the simplest youth group game in the history of youth group, volleyball, and everyone loved it. What a reminder that the simplest way is often the best way. It was a pleasure and an honor to…… Continue reading Another round