thank you andrea

Been gone from the PC world for several days. It was actually refreshing to be away from all media sources Thu-Sat last week. I was oblivious to major news, even more so to the stupidity of regular television. Thursday I woke up about 2 hours later than I wanted. I knew I was in trouble…… Continue reading thank you andrea

Student ministry updates

Tonight is the “last” Light Force of the school year. Weather permitting, we will be outside horsing around until about 8 and then we’ll go inside for some snacks and my fake little awards. I actually have been having a good time coming up with some of these in my brain. Maybe I’ll post the…… Continue reading Student ministry updates


I may be the only person under the age of 40 in the whole world who doesn’t care too much for his birthday. It’s not that I dislike presents, not at all. I don’t even mind the attention too much. I suppose what I do not like is the “exposure of it all.” Everyone here…… Continue reading birthdays

picking fights

Occasionally, my daughter will pick a fight with me. It’s kind of funny since she’s only 3, but she really does pick fights with me. Not the physical type, just what I call the “pissing contest.” She will try to get her way. Even though she will know fully that I have no intention on…… Continue reading picking fights

more than golf

Golf, golf, golf. It seems like everywhere I look I am consumed by the game. Yesterday I played 18, then spent 2 more hours practicing. When I arrived home, I got a notice from the USGA about the upcoming qualifier. Also, I was invited to volunteer at next weeks Champions Tour event in Grand Rapids.…… Continue reading more than golf

the happy hooker

Over the past year or so I’ve been a major hooker of the golf ball. It’s something that I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to solve. Here are the things that I did to help alleviate the hook. Particularily with the longer irons. Focus on the ball. (I tend to take my eyes…… Continue reading the happy hooker


I hate to wait. It drives me insane when you are supposed to meet someone and they are late. It event makes me a little miffed if the person isn’t a little early for the meeting. Why? I could get all freudian and say it has to do with repressed anger at a parent or…… Continue reading waiting