San Diego Kayaking Map

Here’s my ever-growing list of San Diego Kayaking spots

For Visitors

Visiting San Diego and want to kayak? I 100% recommend Aqua Adventures. They are very friendly, very knowledgeable, and ridiculously inexpensive to rent kayaks from. (They aren’t paying me to say that, I just dig them and want visitors to have a great experience.)

Recreational Spots

Mission Bay

  • Ventura Cove
  • Bahia Point

La Jolla

You can off-load your kayak right on the beach. Get there early and you’ve got a chance at nearby street parking. If you’re patient enough you’ll always get a spot in the lot… but it can take a while on Summer weekends.

Before you go… check out what the surf is doing. (Surfline App is free) If it says more than 2-3 foot waves I’d only proceed if you’re fully prepared to get wet and/or dumped. Either way, make sure you’ve got all your gear put away when you enter and exit the surf zone.

San Diego Bay

Coronado – Both Glorietta Bay & Tidelands Park offer great ways to kayak the bayside of Coronado. Both offer rental opportunities, too.

Visit San Diego Kayak Club for more spots

Fishing Spots

I like fishing in Mission Bay and I like fishing Lake Murray. But I’ve not had great luck at either spot. I’ll post some recommendations when I’ve had better luck.

  • La Jolla – The single most popular place to kayak fish. Not for beginners, but really good.
  • Shelter Island – I’ve caught some fish here.
  • Bayside Park – I’ve caught some fish here.


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