Political Promises

The last weekend prior to the Indiana and North Carolina primaries have been particularly ridiculous. It seems that the new strategy of both the Clinton and Obama campaign has been to out-promise one another. It reminds me of 5th grade as people ran for student council. “If elected, I will give new uniforms to the…… Continue reading Political Promises

Is Planned Parenthood Racist?

There is a lot of talk about a Presidential candidate and whether or not his pastor is a racist and if that makes the candidate a racist. Accepting money and support from extreme groups is very complicated. At the core of the problem is that it seemingly associates candidates with everything that group stands for.…… Continue reading Is Planned Parenthood Racist?

Websites of the Candidates: Who is Winning?

Back in January I wrote this: The winner of the 2008 election will be the candidate who captivates the American people’s attention with ideas, uses the internet the best, and can prove that they can/will lead the American people. As someone who sees the power of the internet on a daily basis, my opinion is…… Continue reading Websites of the Candidates: Who is Winning?

Is James Dobson’s Reign Over?

I’ve talked about this before. But I think it is safe to say James Dobson no longer represents the middle of the road Christian. I don’t think I’m in the middle of the evangelical road, but I think it’s becoming clear that he’s now losing traction with the masses. I hate to sound like Rush…… Continue reading Is James Dobson’s Reign Over?