College isn’t for everyone

The cost of college has gotten out of control When I tell people that I have never had a student loan and paid for my undergraduate (and the 50% of my graduate) studies out-of-pocket, their jaws drop. It’s true. Kristen and I both earned our bachelors degrees and walked across the stage at graduation debt-free.…… Continue reading College isn’t for everyone

3 Types of Freshmen Parents

“Let’s go watch freshmen arrival day!” I have a sick sense of humor. But I loved being on campus the day the new freshmen arrived at Moody. And one year I really did take the day off to enjoy the drama and help out a little bit with confused parents and freshmen. It’s a day…… Continue reading 3 Types of Freshmen Parents

Bad news for suburban kids

In the next few weeks millions of high school seniors will hear their name called and walk across the stage to recieve a high school diploma. There is an interesting phenomonon on graduation day that I’d like to point out. Kids in the city are typically pretty excited about the achievement. In the city graduation…… Continue reading Bad news for suburban kids