Take that James Dobson!

Tired of judges being attacked, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has created a video game to teach children how the justice system works.    “In recent years I’ve become increasingly concerned about vitriolic attacks by some members of Congress, some members of state legislatures and various private interest groups … on judges,” O’Connor…… Continue reading Take that James Dobson!

Is James Dobson’s Reign Over?

I’ve talked about this before. But I think it is safe to say James Dobson no longer represents the middle of the road Christian. I don’t think I’m in the middle of the evangelical road, but I think it’s becoming clear that he’s now losing traction with the masses. I hate to sound like Rush…… Continue reading Is James Dobson’s Reign Over?

The Economy of Fear

Back in October I wrote about The Economy of Hate speech on the internet. Here’s a review of the math in the blog world when writing hate content: Normal content + traffic = $1 Hate content + traffic = $5 Remarkable content + traffic = $10  Today I want to talk about something that runs…… Continue reading The Economy of Fear