Snake bit Darkness creeps in at weird moments. A comment. A ungaurded remark by the wrong person. A glance or a stare that you can’t get an explanation for. All of those are things that can set me off inexplicably. Normally, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky. Why do those tiny things trigger the my mind so wildly? I…… Continue reading Snake bit

Putting your worst foot forward

Which of these introductions garners the most trust to you? Hello, my name is Adam McLane. Thank you for inviting me here today. As an expert in my field, I look forward to sharing with you this morning 7 insights which will revolutionize ________. Hi. I’m Adam. I guess you’ve invited me here this morning…… Continue reading Putting your worst foot forward

Let’s Clarify our Relationship

Dearest blog reader, It’s tough for me to write these words. Yet our affair is such that I think we need to clarify our relationship. It’s been pretty muddy as of late and I feel as though you are beginning to disdain me. And my ambivalence towards your disdain may not be helping matters. I…… Continue reading Let’s Clarify our Relationship