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  • film and theology

    I’ve gotten hooked on a podcast by Mars Hill Church in Seatle, WA. I’ve been so intruiged by this that we are looking into it as a church. Might be pretty cool to watch a film and talk about it, eh?

  • The Chronic of Narnia

    OK, if you don’t watch SNL then you likely missed this. But it is wicked funny. [Watch the video] Basically it is two white guys rapping about picking up 13 cupcakes on their way to see the Chronicles of Narnia. Warning: If you can’t handle making fun of Narnia and if you don’t want to […]

  • We saw Narnia

    We saw Narnia

    I suppose this post may be considered heresy by some. But, while I didn’t mind Narnia, I didn’t really see the hype. Today Kristen and I had the pleasure of taking Megan to see “the movie.” In my mind, the best part of the movie was sharing the time with my girls. I like that […]

  • Capote: Narcism explored

    Kristen and I went to see the movie Capote tonight. (Yes, it was better than one of our previous date movies… Hotel Rwanda… but barely as romantic.) To summarize the movie. It’s the true life story of author Truman Capote as he researches and writes a non-fiction novel about a homicide in the plains of […]