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Failure and Success are Siblings

I failed yesterday. It hurt. It sucked. And I did it on purpose.

Over the summer, after months of nudging by my friends, I picked golf back up. For me, during the pandemic, it’s been the perfect outlet. I get out and exercise, building cardio and muscle by walking San Diego’s hilly courses, but more importantly it’s helped keep me sane from the repetition of elongated stay-at-home orders from COVID-19.


3 Types of Advice I’ve Given that I’m Now Applying to Myself

To move up…

To move up sometimes you need to move on.

I’ve given that advice to youth ministry friends over the past decade. And this year I finally awoke to the reality that it was time to take my own advice.

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The Cure

What if the cure to COVID-19 is kindness?

If that’s the cure we’re in trouble.

But maybe it is the cure? And since kindness costs us nothing why don’t we just give it a chance?

Just an idea.