What’s at stake for Rolando?

Over the past 7 days I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in my work as the Rolando Community Council’s president. Nearly all of that energy has been an attempt to rally resources to move the needle towards solutions on homelessness in Rolando. I’ve had limited success. But I’m not done. Not by a…… Continue reading What’s at stake for Rolando?

School Choice Matters

For families living in the City of San Diego, today marks the opening for the School Choice application. Here’s why school choice matters, especially for the poor. What is School Choice? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. School Choice allows families to decide each year if their children are best served by their…… Continue reading School Choice Matters

The scary place we’re at and how we turn it around

This afternoon a group of outsiders are coming to San Diego to attempt to disrupt the San Diego Unified School Districts board meeting as the district debates implementing a vaccine mandate for the prevention of COVID-19 among students 12 and up. This debate isn’t controversial or out of context in the least. The district already…… Continue reading The scary place we’re at and how we turn it around