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Lost Days

Today marks four months since the world shut down because of COVID-19.

Four months.

Four months?


My new job

Over the past few years you’ve watched me do some stuff.

10 years ago it was in Haiti, activating hundreds of churches to go and build partnerships with Haitian churches in the wake of an earthquake that shook a nations core but unleashed a spiritual awakening. And now more recently it’s been closer to home, first in TJ as I got involved with the migrant caravan and supporting migrant care. And now with my work in Ensenada building long-term relationships and sustainable ministry with our church partners there.

Guest Post

Recognizing and Responding to Domestic & Sexual Violence During Quarantine

Troubling information from the San Diego Police Department recently detailed that domestic and sexual violence is skyrocketing during this quarantine time period. As a rape crisis counselor and public educator for over 12 years, I have seen a glimpse into the pain, shame, growth and healing that so many experience. Abuse in homes is a secretive and damaging reality for far too many children and adults; it causes fear, anxiety, depression, and myriad personal health challenges. Normally, people suffering in homes can find some kind of solace and joy going to school, playing sports, hanging out with friends and seeking other external resources. COVID-19 has now forced countless victims/survivors of violence to spend confined time with abusive family members or partners, inevitably causing further isolation and internalized conflict.