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  • Golf is Hard

    Golf is Hard

    Last week, I played in a mens club event and scored awful. Well actually, considering all of the bad things that happened to me during the course of the round, I managed to shoot 90 officially, which is pretty bad for me, I normally would score between 78-82. But I had one of those rounds…

  • Muchos Perros

    Muchos Perros

    A few years ago, Kristen and I thought a cool way to serve our neighborhood if we could watch people’s dogs while they went to work. We both work from home full-time. (We did it before COVID made it as normal as it is today.) And I’d spoken to a few friends who took their…

  • Mayor Gloria, Councilmember Elo-Rivera, let’s get Clay Park Improvements done right now.

    Mayor Gloria, Councilmember Elo-Rivera, let’s get Clay Park Improvements done right now.

    Note: I sent the following message to my compatriots in the Clay Park Subcommittee of the Colina Del Sol Recreation Council. But this message needs to be shared broadly and directly with the decision-makers. For the sake of the community we can no longer be patient. We need to get this project done. Contact me…

  • Fear of Success

    Fear of Success

    I find the biggest thing that holds people back from experiencing success in their lives is an inability to manage their fear. Rather than overcoming their fear they just get stuck.

  • Full of It

    Full of It

    A good percentage of people in this world are full of crap. And we all need help figuring out who is worth listening to and who is not.

  • Dealing With Negativity

    Dealing With Negativity

    Ten years ago I wrote about the power of negative content on blogs. At that time, I could see a new trend emerging, a trend that would one day become part of entities effectively turning this behavior into a driving force that was used to divide our country into segments of people who hate one…

  • Sunday morning

    Sunday morning

    It’s Sunday morning. Not early and not late. I’ve fed the chickens and opened up the doors to let the cool air in. The house is still quiet. I’ve just made coffee for Kristen and I. And I just sent Murray out to do his one really cool dog trick, bringing in the Sunday paper…

  • The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    One of the hardest things about investing your money is deciding who to listen to for advice. There’s a myriad of financial advice-givers out there, both paid and free, and fueled by the internet it’s really easy to find them all.

  • Thunderstorm!


    Last night, just after sunset, San Diego experienced something rare: A thunderstorm. It was awesome. I was in the middle of a Rolando Community Council board meeting, we were all sitting outside, strategically far enough apart to allow for social distancing– but as the first flashes of lightening and distant thunder rolled through– we were…

  • Rat Battle

    Rat Battle

    On the surface, our garden looks healthy. We have lots growing. There are lots of flowers. Things get fertilized. We have good soil. We have good irrigation. Good light, good soil, good seed. That’s a winning strategy in most gardens. You’d think we are doing quite well. You’d be wrong.