Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning. Not early and not late. I’ve fed the chickens and opened up the doors to let the cool air in. The house is still quiet. I’ve just made coffee for Kristen and I. And I just sent Murray out to do his one really cool dog trick, bringing in the Sunday paper in exchange for a treat.

As much as I love travel. And as much as I gain energy and feed my soul with the other things in my life, I find myself longing for these simple things.

Cool mornings. A bit of quiet. A cup of coffee.

I don’t know what the rest of the day will bring, we don’t have big plans. I’m playing golf over at Balboa Park later this morning. Kristen is hoping to wrap up repainting most of the interior of our house. I have a couple little honey-do projects to do. (Plumbing, I hate plumbing!) And that’ll be that. Simple. Restful. Sabbath.





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