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  • T-Mobile Review (from a former AT&T customer)

    T-Mobile Review (from a former AT&T customer)

    Kristen and I had been AT&T customers since 1998. But rising costs, ever-crappier customer service, and sky-high international data plans lead us to leave AT&T in mid-June.

  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug Review

    Wemo Mini Smart Plug Review

    The Tiny Office is great. But, at it’s core, it is a shed. And even though it’s well insulated it gains and loses heat quickly which means that during harsh San Diego winters, with lows nearing 40 degrees, you need a little heat. And during the summer you need a little A/C. The problem? The…

  • Amazon Tap Review

    Amazon Tap Review

    A couple months back I was looking for a nice Bluetooth speaker for my office. Specifically, something that was better sound than my Macbook speakers and better than the built-in speakers on the TV mounted on the wall. I wanted it to be small, have good sound, and connect to anything. After some digging around…

  • Amazon Prime Now Review

    Amazon Prime Now Review

    Grocery shopping is a waste of time. The stores are designed to get you to walk up and down all the aisles, hoping you’ll wander by something they’ll tempt it’s way into your shopping cart on the way to find the bread, milk, and eggs you came for. That’s the basic premise of Amazon Prime…

  • Nest Protect Review

    Nest Protect Review

    This is my third review of Nest products. (A Google company) Also see my reviews of the Nest Thermostat & Nest Cam Becoming a homeowner has unleashed something deep inside. We went from 7+ years of renting across the street, where we barely locked our doors or thought about where we lived much, to wanting…

  • Apple TV review

    Apple TV review

    Last week I mounted a TV in the Tiny Office, connecting it to the new edition of the Apple TV. The previous edition of the Apple TV has been the backbone of our cord cutting efforts and while I did also purchase a Smart TV with Roku built-in for the house, my exclusive Mac usage in…

  • A Review of Nest Thermostat

    A Review of Nest Thermostat

    Let’s start off with the most obvious: Do you even need a thermostat in San Diego? I mean… isn’t it always sunny and 72? So let me start my review of the Nest Thermostat, 3rd Generation by acknowledging that most San Diegans go months without turning on their heating/cooling system. But, it is winter in…

  • A Review of Nest Cam

    A Review of Nest Cam

    Now that we’re homeowners again I’m in the midst of a whole litany of home improvement projects. (I’m even writing today in my half built Tiny Office to get a sense of where I’ll want furniture, install outlets, and stuff like that.) Along the way I’m testing out home automation gadgets, trying to find some…

  • Simplenote


    I recently made the transition from Evernote to Simplenote. Here’s why.

  • Book reviews for A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media

    The reviews are coming in! In this post Adam shares a few reviews of A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media.