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  • Youth Worker Journal review of Good News in the Neighborhood

    Jon and I have gotten some very nice feedback on our curriculum, Good News in the Neighborhood. But none quite as big as the one in this months edition of Youth Worker Journal.  Often, conversations about introducing our communities to Christ are centered on program development or planning the perfect event. Yet what Adam McLane […]

  • GIVEAWAY: Real Conversations by Jonathan McKee

    What it is… Jonathan McKee (The Source for Youth Ministry) just released a 4-week video based curriculum that’s all about how to have real conversations about sharing your faith. (Which is cool considering it’s called, Real Conversations.) As a youth leader, this is one of those plug-n-play options that would be cool to have on […]

  • 5 Storytelling Podcasts You’ll Love

    I love storytelling and I love podcasts. In this post I share a list of the best of the best when it comes to storytelling podcasts.

  • I Am Second

    Talk about a site you need to check out. I am second may be the prettiest, most powerful site on the internet. What is it? It’s an online ministry designed around a powerful thought: If Jesus is number one in my life that means I am second. How does it work? There’s not a lot […]

  • Relient K Christmas Album: Quick Review

    This will be the simplest and fastest review I have ever given. I’ve only even listened to this album once but I don’t want to waste any more of your Christmas-time. You need this album for your families listening pleasure this Christmas season. Let’s put it this way. I don’t even like Relient K’s music […]

  • 3 free webtools that have made significant improvements

    I’m a self-proclaimed webdork. But as a webdork and the developer of some websites/blogs, there are a number of free web tools out there that are not only awesome, but have recently gone from "awesome" to "awesome-er." iGoogle (Formerly known as "google homepage" or "personalized homepage.") Not only is this the best and easiest feed […]