Books by Adam McLane

Good News in the Neighborhood

Good News in the Neighborhood by Adam McLane & Jon HuckinsThis 6-week series will deep dive your students into the practical realities of a radical life with Jesus. Built around six themes of community life, students will gain an understanding of their role in their community and be challenged by a series of simple experiments they can try. More than a series that teaches your students about being Good News in their community, Good News in the Neighborhood offers practical application based on the life of Jesus and the 1st century Church. Our hope is that your students begin to see how God has called them to become good news in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Released May, 2012

A Parent’s Guide to Understandings Social Media

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Social Media by Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLaneWith each passing day, teenagers’ lives become increasingly intertwined with social media. How can you as a parent stay informed and involved in healthy ways? How can you help your son or daughter make wise decisions and remain safe online?

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media will equip you to have meaningful conversations with your teenager about the best, wisest ways to get connected while staying safe.

Your guides for this journey are Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane, who draw from their own wells of experience as parents and youth workers. They’ll help you chart a course toward discovering and practicing wise family online activity.

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Released December, 2012

Tuning In: Six Ways to Reclaim Your Life Back from Technology

When did I begin this relationship with my smartphone? What impact does my online behavior have on the people around me? Now that I can work 24 hours a day, when does work start and when does it end? How do I think about my life online as a Christian? 

Over the past decade, each of us has developed an oddly intimate relationship with technology. While we never think about it we are typically with our devices more than we are with our loved ones.

Tuning In explores this unique relationship through the lens of the Christian journey. Whereas the primary narrative of our faith defaults to the belief that living our lives online is ultimately negative, author Adam McLane takes readers on a journey of reorienting their lives with technology as an act of the incarnation, helping navigate the often difficult waters of when to tune out and when to tune in.

Released 2017