A secret deal on my book

My new book, co-authored with Marko, comes out next week.

I’m very excited about it for two specific reasons.

  1. Parents of teenagers really need this book. The days of fighting or banning or trying to wall off kids from social media is over. Parents need to know how to help their child live a life that will increasingly be lived online. This book does that really well. It’s short, easy to understand, and very practical.
  2. I’m proud of how this turned out. Marko and I worked really hard on making a book that’ll last a few years. We focused on helping parents understand social media while avoiding all of the pitfalls of your typical Christian book about media– there’s nothing here that is alarmist. We aren’t trying to scare parents, we are providing tested principles that have worked for years, work today, and will work for years to come. Trust me, that wasn’t easy.

Here’s the Official Description

With each passing day, teenagers’ lives become increasingly intertwined with social media. How can you as a parent stay informed and involved in healthy ways? How can you help your son or daughter make wise decisions and remain safe online?

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media will equip you to have meaningful conversations with your teenager about the best, wisest ways to get connected while staying safe.

Your guides for this journey are Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane, who draw from their own wells of experience as parents and youth workers. They’ll help you chart a course toward discovering and practicing wise family online activity.

My Secret Deal

I would love for you to get this book in the hands of all the parents in your ministry. Like the other books in this series, this would be great to use as the content of a parent meeting. In fact, the book is based on a short seminar I’ve done for parents of teenagers in a bunch of churches.

You can pre-order it on our site right now for $6.99.

If you buy 10 or more copies, you’ll automatically get free shipping on your entire order. (media mail, US addresses only) Check this out. Add whatever else you want to that same order, as long as you order 10 or more copies of the book, you’re getting free shipping.

If you buy 20 or more copies, I’ll still pick up the tab for shipping on your order, and I’ll start tossing goodies in the box.

This secret deal expires on December 15th.

p.s. If you don’t automatically get free shipping, apply coupon code SECRET62


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  1. David Hausknecht Avatar

    Adam, I am excited to read the new book. This is a very timely topic, especially for middle schoolers who are venturing into that world at a highly increasing rate. We just held a seminar for parents at our church to discuss technology, and I got to speak on trends and culture of social media and our teenagers. I know it’s a book about social media, but do you venture into the world of texting/sexting at all? I’m getting so many questions from parents on this, but I’m not finding a lot of great resources to refer them to. If you’ve found anything particularly helpful, please let me know! In the mean time, I can’t wait to read the new book!

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      The book does talk about texting, putting it into context and offering some strategies for parents. But we pulled a section on sexting for a couple of reasons.

      1. It was outside of the scope of the book. We had to edit a lot to keep it on the topic of understanding social media. (We talk about bullying in a general way, sexting is really a subset of bullying)

      2. There’s far more here-say about sexting than actual data/research. You hear a lot of people referencing “20% of teenagers have sexted.” But there just isn’t data to back that up. I chased that number down and found a lot of disagreement about the validity of that data. (Most point back to a marketing survey, not hard data.) Probably more than 20% of teenagers have viewed/shared porn on their smartphone. But in a couple of studies analyzing criminal data, very few cases of “sexting” have been reported to the police for investigation. (Something like 1 tenth of 1 percent of teenagers have been investigated, I could only find a small handful.) Sexting is specifically sending/receiving sexual images of people you know or could know. Porn is very prevalent on mobile phones… but it isn’t “sexting.” See what I mean? While I do know of some cases of it (from people in my life) its rarely documented or researched in a way that I’d want to put my name behind or repeat the data.

      I wrote about sexting and the media creation of the phenomonon here:


      Hope that helps you understand why we didn’t include a bunch about sexting in the book.

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  5. david bartosik Avatar
    david bartosik

    Looks like a great book dude! I can imagine a few parents in my ministry who could utilize this! 🙂

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