Raising a Whole Kid

I had this thought yesterday and I think it’s important for educators, youth workers, and others working with teenagers to consider. https://twitter.com/mclanea/status/1206679313006940166 Occasionally, I’ll find myself in a circle of people who work with children or teenagers. And they’ll talk about the kids they work with in great detail, about personality traits, or personal history,…… Continue reading Raising a Whole Kid

Start Saving for College Today

Adults, can we have a conversation? Less than 5 percent of Americans have college savings accounts, and those who do are far wealthier than average.How Paying for College Is Changing Middle-Class Life, Caitlin ZaloomSource How in the world are Kristen and I unicorns because we saved for college? Look, we are pretty cool, but we…… Continue reading Start Saving for College Today

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Justice is a Funny Thing

Watching Megan go through the college admissions process has been really hard. On the one hand, I fully get why we have quotas and the need for diversity. I support it. If I were an elected official I’d vote for affirmative action in college admissions every time. Why? Because achievement isn’t just a personal accomplishment…… Continue reading Justice is a Funny Thing