Raising a Whole Kid

I had this thought yesterday and I think it’s important for educators, youth workers, and others working with teenagers to consider. https://twitter.com/mclanea/status/1206679313006940166 Occasionally, I’ll find myself in a circle of people who work with children or teenagers. And they’ll talk about the kids they work with in great detail, about personality traits, or personal history,…… Continue reading Raising a Whole Kid

Parents, Look Out for Curious Cat

Here we go again. Another app lying to users.  There is yet another anonymous question asking/confession social media app floating around the internet claiming they’ve solved the bullying (and suicides) that plague older confessional apps like Ask.fm, this one borrows it’s name from the ever-popular cat movement online: Curious Cat. It’s not brand new as…… Continue reading Parents, Look Out for Curious Cat

Running an Online Store: A Family Business

We’ve got a little sale going at The Youth Cartel store, having fun with this fiscal cliff silliness in the news. If you’ve seen stuff that we’re doing and wanted to check it out, this is a great time to do that while saving a little money. Discounts start when you buy $20 in stuff. And…… Continue reading Running an Online Store: A Family Business