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  • Sticky Faith Book Club, Chapter 2

    This is part 2 in an 8 part series on Sticky Faith. Join our book club by signing up here. (part 1) The Heart of the Matter I read chapter 2 with a heavy heart. As a lifelong youth worker I had a hard time fully concentrating on what the words had to do with my family. […]

  • We need non-digital adventure

    A couple weekends ago I told Megan and Paul to get in the car, we were going on a secret adventure. Anticipation in the car was high. Were we going for ice cream? Was dad taking us to a movie? Were we going to buy new video games? All were possibilities. But none were realities. […]

  • Jackson and Dad, 5 months in

    No DNA test required, right? This is my boy. JT has fit into our family from the first moment. We never knew he was missing from the family make-up until he invited himself to the party. He completes our little family. This baby is proof that there are no accidents in God’s eyes, just emerging […]

  • The Big Picture of Parenting

    Thinking about this– I know I have two huge handicaps. I didn’t grow up under “ideal circumstances” but I still turned out just fine. My own kids are only ten, almost eight, and five months. I’m not a parenting expert by any means. In fact, because I didn’t grow up with a strong relationship with […]

  • When Daddy is Away

    It’s inevitable. All of the chaos happens when I leave town.  On Monday afternoon Kristen dropped me off at the San Diego airport. All was calm and under control in the McLane clan. Leaving Kristen for 5 days with Megan, (10) Paul, (7) and Jackson (4 months) was hard. I really didn’t want to leave […]

  • The Parent Gap

    As a kid, my parents weren’t that involved in church. There was a time when half of my family had some friends in church and did some stuff around the church. But by and large I was the church-e-est of the bunch from about 5th grade until now. I think my reality as a high […]

  • The role of adolescent consent in parenting

    Kristen and I now officially see the precipise on our horizon. Megan, our oldest child, turned 10 yesterday. Within a few years we will be in the thick of adolescence. (And all of the parents I’ve worked with over the years will simple laugh. Not a polite giggle. An evil laugh because now I will […]

  • Printable Lent Signs

    This week we taught our kids about lent. So now that lent has begun, we wanted to make sure that we kept the long 40 days in front of us. With that in mind I made some sweet signs to hang up around the house. That way, if we see someone cheating we can kindly […]

  • When your kids hate church

    When your kids hate church

    My kids don’t get excited about going to church most Sunday’s. That’s putting a nice bow on it, isn’t it? Let’s take the pretty bow off for the sake of this post. They hate going to church. Yesterday, I sat in the car with a child who refused to participate. Not all Sunday’s are like […]

  • The Baby-god Myth, part four

    In part four of this series, I’ll offer some conclusions and solutions for reversing the trend of deifying our children. To catch up on the series, check out part one, two, and three. Where do we go from here? This is the important question. Hopefully you’ve read through this series and reflected on the situation, […]