A Parent’s Guide to Social Media

Last week, I put together a sweet little seminar for parent’s called, A Parent’s Guide to Social Media.

It’s an hour-long training session aimed at removing the fear about what their teenagers might be doing online and back-filling it with the latest research, then helps to build a theological framework for raising kids in a digital world.

Part of the challenge of putting together something like this is that the data behind it will change all the time. (New research comes out from the big players quarterly while lots of additional one-off research is published all the time by universities and the marketing world.)

That’s why teaching parents principles is more important than merely looking at trends. They need to know what to do today. But they also need to know what’s going to work with the next thing that comes out.

Long story short, I’ve now down this seminar with two groups of parents and it’s gone pretty well. If you’re interested in having me come to your church or event to present this stuff, just let me know.





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  1. Luke McFadden Avatar

    This sounds cool, and I’d love to bring you in.  But that’s just not feasible with our budget (currently $0 for all of our ministry).  What would be cool, is if you released this (and other seminars) as a Cartel Resource.  I understand the need/desire to do the seminar, but I think it would have a bigger youth ministry impact if it was free (or inexpensive).  

    It could be largely video driven, or just a rough framework w/ slides (or options for both!).  Just some feedback and thoughts.  

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      Luke, thanks for the feedback. There is a book I’m co-authoring with Marko in the works that is very inexpensive. I think it’ll be ready this fall. 

      1. Luke McFadden Avatar

        What’s the book speaking too?

        1. Adam McLane Avatar

          It’ll be a guide for parents, similar title. 🙂 

  2. Brian Avatar

    We had Adam come do this seminar for our parents. I heard Great stuff. Adam is a great resource for this and you can help feed his kids while you feed your parents super valuable training. Bring him out!

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