Dear Neglected Blog Readers

Dear neglected blog readers,

I’ve not forgotten you. I love you. I’m thankful for your patience. I’m hitting the final stages for the launch of my new book, Tuning In: Six Ways to Reclaim Your Life from Technology.

It’s a book five years in the making, I love it and I think you will, too. It’s based on research and introspection and– to sound like a Presbyterian preacher for a second– I think the timing of its release couldn’t come at a better time as we, as Christians, wrestle with sorting out what it means to live a life online.

There are two parts: 

  • The book, Tuning In: Six Ways to Reclaim Your Life from Technology
  • The free companion, Technology Tune Up: Six Steps to Reclaiming Your Life from Technology 

More soon.


By Adam McLane

Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel, co-author of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Social Media, blogger of 10+ years, and a fan of all things San Diego State University Aztecs.

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