Photo by San Diego Union-Tribune


Last night, just after sunset, San Diego experienced something rare: A thunderstorm.

It was awesome. I was in the middle of a Rolando Community Council board meeting, we were all sitting outside, strategically far enough apart to allow for social distancing– but as the first flashes of lightening and distant thunder rolled through– we were all highly distracted.

It was so great. A cool breeze blew through, we got a few sprinkles, and the sky put on a lightning storm rarely seen in Southern California.

Simple Joys

There’s something unique about moments like that. To non-locals, they probably didn’t get why every local was freaking out about it. I mean, in other places in the United States thunderstorms happen all the time in the Spring and Summer. But here in SoCal? Lightning is something rare. And when it does happen it happens during a big storm, maybe in the middle of the night, so you hear it but don’t really see it. This was different in that it happened just after sunset, when many people were already outside because the day had been hot and it was just cooling down enough to walk the dog or sit on the patio. And then, at first in the distance, then from the east and west, God just put on a show for us all to enjoy.

And so I’ll wrap-up with two things:

  1. I guess you had to be there. But know it was pretty rad.
  2. Sometimes in life you experience communal joys, something that just happens, that brings you together with your fellow humans in a special way.

Some things don’t have to have a lot of meaning to be super meaningful.






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