Category: Garden technology

  • Adding shade in the garden

    The front door of our house faces east towards the Pacific Ocean. (A mere 10 miles west!) Our backyard garden sit on the top of an exposed his with full eastern sun. For three seasons that really isn’t a big deal. In fact, because we can get full sun for about 75% of the garden […]

  • Watering the Garden from the Perspective of the Hose

    Melinda’s Ohio garden is banging! What a fun perspective on caring for the harvest. Who knew the GoPro could be used in the garden? ht to Tom on editing & Melinda on watering.

  • Getting rid of garden snails

    The pitfall of organic gardening is that chemicals are easy! Our garden doesn’t have many enemies. The household cat keeps rodents and lizards away. And the combination of hummingbirds and parrots seems to keep all other bird pests from doing too much damage. Our biggest problem has been garden snails. (Helix aspersa) Since it has […]

  • Irrigation

    We live in sunny Southern California. And while it is amazing to have 300+ days of sunshine per year it comes at a cost. Namely, we live in a coastal desert and have water restrictions. Thankfully, we are able to have a vibrant garden by using some smart water techniques. Where we are Back in […]